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If you want an experienced team to carry out even the smallest and quickest of jobs; a team which will not just complete the job to an excellent standard but will do so in a professional, polite and friendly manner, then speak to us here at Soho Property Services. Whether you are in need of wallpaper or a door hanging in your property, we are the company to call. We turn our hands to every kind of job that is required, whether this be carpentry, decoration, building works or more. Our skilled team is ready to tackle any problem or task you have. We can change and fit locks, install security chains and spyholes, clear out or replace guttering, replace taps, replace lights and switches and much, much more.

Every job we tackle is done so with precision and care and we know that our excellent standards have been the catalyst for both repeat and new business. In fact, most of our work comes through existing clients who don’t want to go elsewhere for their handyman jobs, and through the recommendation of existing clients. We work extremely hard to ensure we remain at the top grade when it comes to delivering results and we are so dedicated to this that we spend a lot of time searching for the best tradesmen to join our team, carry out training for all our workforce and we are members of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB), proving that our work is of a superior level. We have meticulous attention to detail for every job we take on, whether installing irrigation systems or replacing door handles.

What is more is that we are really passionate about what we do and this causes us to strive to be the very best. We take this approach in all the small handyman services we carry out for our clients, be they domestic or commercial. We are always on the lookout for more work and we love to build relationship with clients over a long period of time, often carrying out service contracts for the clients who are in need of this service.

A really attractive aspect of our approach is that we go to areas that most other property service companies avoid. Many businesses do not like to travel into Soho and central London because of the congestion charges or the parking fees and the hassle of navigation. Soho Property Services is based in Soho, as our name suggests, so we do not have to deal with any of these issues and we therefore do not need to pass expensive surcharges on to our customers. This makes us incredibly good value for the work we carry out and it means we are able to work with local businesses, homeowners and property owners. We thrive on the working relationships we have with those positioned close by.

Being handyman specialists, we can handle any job and no job is too small for us to take on. From fitting new taps to clearing outside space, we will do it with skill, excellence and fantastic customer service. Call us today for more information and speak to one of our friendly office team.


We work to the following aims:

  • Less fuss: Our project manager will oversee everything from start to finish.
  • Less worry: All work to be completed within our original timeframe.
  • Less mess: We treat every home with the respect with which we treat our home.
  • Less damaging: Eco-friendly building materials/methods.
  • Less risk: Being members of the Federation of Master Builder (FMB) we have proven that our work is of a first-class standard.
  • More value: Upgrading your property can add up to 20% of your property’s value.
  • More style: Create a great modern space to suit your lifestyle.
  • More options: Everything can be fully customised to suit your every need.
  • More comfort: Every aspect is designed to your family’s wants and needs.
  • More peace of mind: Most of our business comes through recommendations, verifying the quality and reliability of our work.


At Soho Property Services we can complete all kinds of handyman jobs. No job is too small for us – whether you require a lightbulb to be changed, or kitchen cabinet handles to be replaced, we are happy to attend and won’t charge you the earth for congestion fees and parking.

Whether it’s the hinge screws which have come loose, adjusting a hinge or taking the whole door off to plane it so it fits correctly, we can ensure your door stops sticking; something we know can be really frustrating to live with!

Whatever handle your door has, we can replace it or carry out repairs. We ensure the handles are well positioned and securely fastened. We can have your handles chiselled in, in no time at all.

We can fit new locks to all doors within your home whether they are interior or exterior doors. We can help you choose the best locks for your doors, using all the latest tools and accurately chisel out the recess in which the lock will sit. Your door will be safe, secure and look smart in no time.

At Soho Property Services we can complete a wide range of electrical tasks at your property. We have qualified electricians who are more than happy to come and take a look at your building and fix any issues you may have. The kinds of jobs we carry out include replacing electrical showers, replacing plug sockets, replacing switches and replacing lights. We can also complete some rewiring works. So whether you need a light bulb changing or a strip light rewiring and replacing, we can cover your needs.

Whether it’s a newly shot family portrait you want to take pride of place in your living room, a large mirror hung in the hallway or an award positioned on your office wall, we can help. However large or small the object is, we can help. We are able to hang incredibly large items and we are also experienced at hanging numerous frames together in a pattern or design of your choosing.

We are yet to find a customer who enjoys the task of assembling flat pack furniture! This can be a difficult, frustrating and time consuming task but we can resolve this annoyance for you by assembling all your furniture on your behalf. We often get asked to complete this task for new offices which have multiple items of furniture in need of assembling. However, we can complete this job for domestic clients as well as commercial.

We are able to plumb in washing machines, dishwashers, add vents for tumble dryers and complete other general plumbing works such as fixing leaks and pipe work. We are experienced in carrying out plumbing odd jobs, having done so for dozens of customers across the years we have been established. We are confident, skilled and aim to be with you within 24 hours.

We can replace taps which are old, leaking or just due an upgrade. Whether you want separate or combined faucets, elaborate or simple design or large or small taps, we can help. We also fix dripping taps. Not only do dripping taps waste water but they also make an irritating noise. There are a few reasons why your tap may be leaking water and we will be sure to find the cause and fix it.


At Soho Property Services we can complete all kinds of handyman jobs when it comes to carpentry. From fitting grab handles through to building storage we can complete any task you may need. We are fully qualified in everything we do and we fulfil all your jobs with excellence, attention to detail and with you in mind, always clearing up our mess and leaving your property as we found it. We are friendly, approachable and professional on every level.

Please see below for a list of the services we provide. While we have included a vast range of the tasks we carry out. If there is anything you need which is not listed here please call us as we are sure to be able to help you. Being in the business for 25 years means there is rarely a job we have not undertaken.

We can fit new doors to your cupboards, new work surfaces within your kitchens or work stations and build cupboards from scratch and install them. We take our time measuring up your space and custom building your kitchen to fit. We can advise on space saving ideas, a range of finishes and new products on the market which may meet specific requirements you may have. We can also install pre-made kitchens.

When it comes to flooring, Soho Property Services is the company for you. From screeding the floor to the finishing polish, we will install your wooden floor from start to completion with expertise. We install the underlay and then lay the wooden flooring so it fits in together tightly and with precision, always paying particular attention to detail and finishing touches. Wooden flooring is a fantastic addition to any building as it is long lasting with its thicker and deeper surface compared to most other flooring types. They also add warmth to a property.

Replacing the doors within your property can make it look more fresh and clean and more attractive. We fit both interior and exterior doors of differing materials such as French doors, wooden doors, sliding doors, mirrored doors, shutter doors and decorative doors. We also carry out repairs and restoration work.

Grab handles are not just handles which are used within retirement homes, hospitals or within disabled public toilets. Grab handles are also widely used within homes and offices in toilets, bathrooms and even at exterior doors to offer safety to those who require it. They offer a safe way to get out of the bath or positioning yourself without any trips or falls and help to balance people as they climb steps leading up to the entrance of a property.

We can fit grab handles for you and advise you about their positioning and we will anchor them into your walls so they are securely fastened.

When you are in need of more storage or perhaps some display space, call us and we will install and fit all kinds of shelving including wooden shelves, floating shelves, glass shelving, mantles and we can also install custom-made shelving for your specific needs. We are able to build bespoke shelving or storage cabinets on your behalf. We will measure and cut your shelving unit to your precise measurements and build it on your behalf.

Radiator cabinets are a fantastic way of hiding unsightly radiators and making a design statement. They can freshen up an office environment or add a warming tone to a home.

We can measure, cut and fit skirting and door surrounds for all properties, including older buildings which often involves wonky walls and floors. Whether you need one door completing or a whole property, we can take on the task.

If you have a broken leg on your desk or a cupboard in need of attention then we can carry out the task of repairing any items which are in need of it.

We can design and build banisters and interior railings for your property. We can create simple designs or decorative banisters and balustrades.

When it comes to our exterior services, we are able to carry out repairs to broken or damaged fences and install new fences and gates surrounding your property. We affix the fencing securely and treat it with an all-weather protection to complete the job.

If you would like to create an area in your home or workplace where you bring the indoors outdoors then we would recommend the use of decking. Decking is a great way of extending the space available in your property; don’t be put off by the weather as we can install a covered decking space for you. Our expert carpenters and joiners are well versed in creating these structures.


Having been working in the building trade for more than 25 years, we are experts when it comes to all things structural and any odd jobs which fall under this category. We are quick, efficient, professional and knowledgeable in all the tasks listed below and complete these jobs on a daily basis with accuracy and competence.

We have listed our main services below, but if you have any requirements which are not covered please do not hesitate to call us as we are sure to be able to meet your specific needs.

Simple Structural Works

If you are in need of re-adjusting your office or home space or you wish to create a more open plan feel then we can safely remove any non-supporting wall within your property. We will not only remove the wall but we can also dispose of any materials or we can work in such a way that a lot of the brickwork is maintained for use elsewhere, should you wish. We also build new walls within your property both inside and outside.

We carry out repairs to existing brickwork. Damage can be caused by water flow, the bricks blistering or poor pointing. We build the brickwork back up after removing all the damage caused and then re-colour the brick to match the colour of the bricks around it. We will also re-point brickwork. This is a popular request as over time, pointing is negatively affected by adverse weather conditions and breaks down. It is important to carry out re-pointing work before any serious damage is caused.

We can remove non-supporting walls, construct new brick walls, repair existing brickwork and re-point your walls.

We create the holes in walls in order for new windows or doors to be installed within them and prepare them for window fitters before the windows and doors are installed. We make safe the area which is removed, ensuring the entrance is straight and smooth and can re-plaster the walls ready for them to be decorated. We can also block up and re-plaster any unused wall openings.

In order to create another room or to separate large areas, we can install partition walls which are made from timber stud in order that a room is sectioned off to your requirements. While partition walls are not necessarily easy to move or remove, they are far easier and quicker to deal with than brick walls. Therefore, partitions are popular within office spaces which are large or completely open plan, in order to offer more private and defined areas.

Exterior Building Works

Whether you want a low wall to surround your pond or a high wall surrounding your property to offer privacy and seclusion, we can help. We also carry out repairs to existing brickwork which have experienced damage through water flow, bricks blistering or poor pointing. We build the brickwork back up after removing all the damage caused and then re-colour the brick to match the colour of the bricks around it.

We also re-point brickwork. It is important to keep an eye on your pointing as over time, pointing is negatively affected by adverse weather conditions. It is important to carry out re-pointing work before any serious damage is caused.

As the sun comes out and the season for barbecues begins, a popular choice for many households is the brick built barbecue. Brick built barbecues are very durable and will outlive any other kind of barbecue. They also offer a great feature for your garden. Brick barbecues offer considerable flexibility to homeowners as they can be built to any size and shape dependent upon the size and layout of your garden.

We can replace guttering, fix leaks and drips, clear out your property’s gutters and install leaf guards. There are a number of different materials which are used for guttering. This includes cast iron (generally found on older properties), uPVC, aluminium and steel. We can work with all kinds of materials and can replace, repair or clean out these gutters. Clogged gutters are very common and the problem causes the gutter to leak. This happens as leaves and debris build up over periods of time. Cluttered gutters can cause more issues as they hold water which sits close to the roof and, on occasion, this moisture can find its way into the roof itself.


If you have moved into a new home or office space or your property is looking a little tired and is in need of a new lease of life and you want an experienced, reliable and meticulous company to complete your decorating requirements, then choose Soho Property Services. We always deliver and do so at a price which is hard to beat. We offer fantastic value for money, we are based in Soho and our team is friendly, committed and knowledgeable.

We offer uncompromising attention to detail when it comes to painting our customers’ homes and offices. We use the very best paints on the market and we also learn the latest techniques such as spray painting for a truly even look. We have an extensive knowledge when it comes to colours, techniques and quality of paint and can help with specific painting jobs such as colours which work well in different buildings such as Georgian, Edwardian, modern and so on. We know the modern paint products as well as those which are best employed on more classic or period properties.

We carry out our work with precision and professionalism, always fulfilling our clients’ wishes and going the extra mile.

When it comes to painting the exterior of a building it is not necessarily just a case of pulling out the paint pots and starting the job. Firstly, we prepare the surface by cleaning off mould, fungus, algae, dirt and stains. It is important to rid the outside of your property of these issues before we commence painting. If mould, fungus, algae and the like are not removed, they can grow through the new coat of paint and affect the look of your building. At times we need to use chemical removers in order to strip the building of built up paints and stains.

Once your property is prepared, we will continue with the primer coats before painting your building and making it look clean, sharp and fresh.

Wallpapering is one of those tasks which looks much easier to complete than it actually is. It is easy to leave bubbles, wrinkles and cracks when hanging wallpaper. Our expert decorators are well versed at putting up wallpaper in your home or office environment. When we fit wallpaper we make it fit exactly to the space required, with no gaps or overlaps. Whether you want patterned, textured, smooth, embossed, vinyl or any other kind of wallpaper hung, we can help.

Plastering is a great way to modernise your property and give it a new lease of life. Our plastering service includes the removal of existing plaster, disposing of the existing plaster, carrying out touch up plastering, dot and dab plastering, skimming your walls, basecoating, removing artex and disposing of it, covering artex by plastering over it, rendering, dry lining and more. We can also complete coving and artistic plastering such as ceiling roses should this be required. Whatever the size or shape of your building, we can carry out these plastering services on your behalf.

Quality coving really adds a touch of class to your home, whether you choose Edwardian cornice coving, Victorian cornice coving, Georgian cornice coving, art deco cornice coving or other. It is a simple touch to add but makes a real difference to any room. Coving is especially common to find in older homes.

We tile bathrooms, kitchens, floors, walls, splashbacks and more. We also work with all tile materials including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and more. If you want a first rate job carried out, with uniform tiling or even patterned tiling or mosaics, we will complete the task with professionalism and remarkable skill. We pay close attention to the finishing touches to ensure your room looks fabulous.

At Soho Property Services we carry out all the jobs we embark upon with the same level of quality and dedication. This is the same for our staining and varnishing service which we offer to both domestic and commercial customers. We stain and varnish internal and external doors, wooden flooring, garage doors, window frames, window sills, dado rails, picture rails, skirting, architraves and more.