When it comes to keeping major repair and replacement costs for your Brompton property down, there’s no substitute for keeping up with your monthly maintenance. Many property owners in the Brompton area are familiar with the high costs that can build up when something goes wrong unexpectedly, so choosing a good Brompton property services firm to look after your monthly maintenance can be a good idea. This can help you to keep tabs on anything that looks as though it may need to be repaired or replaced soon, as well as keeping everything else in your residential or commercial property in good order.

These are just some of the things a Brompton property services company’s maintenance schedule should cover:

  • checking any fire safety devices are working properly, for example, are the batteries in the smoke alarms working?
  • ensuring any fire extinguishers are fully charged and in the right places
  • checking sink and shower drains for any early signs of blockage, and flushing them with an unblocking product if necessary
  • checking the boiler is correctly pressurised, that the pilot light is lit and that there are no signs of leaks
    ensuring all electrical appliances are working correctly
  • cleaning windows and checking wooden frames for signs of rot or leakage
  • ensuring that any foliage growing nearby isn’t presenting a danger to the building
  • checking for signs of pests and taking any appropriate remedial action
  • checking for early signs of damp or mould.