A rarely appreciated part of the maintenance of any Wandsworth property is the preventative side. As a landlord, home owner or building manager, it can feel as though preventative maintenance requires too much work and too much expense, yet the truth is that it can save more money than other methods of looking after your Wandsworth property.

For example, a couple of loose tiles on your roof may look like a problem you can put off repairing, but what happens if you’re on holiday, heavy rain comes and the roof starts letting water in? What should have been a very quick and cost-effective repair job may now end up costing you thousands of pounds and causing you significant inconvenience.

These are just some of the things any preventative property maintenance plan for your Wandsworth property should cover:

  • regularly checking for signs of damp or mould
  • checking for any signs of infestation and dealing with them appropriately
  • regularly servicing the boiler
  • checking and attending to any leaks or escape of water
  • fixing dripping taps
  • checking, clearing and repairing guttering and drains
  • PAT testing appliances
  • checking and carrying out minor repairs to the roof
  • keeping the property in good decorative order
  • repairing any issues with windows and doors.

It can take a lot of work to keep on top of the maintenance of your Wandsworth property, which is why many business and property owners choose to use the services of a local property maintenance firm. This can help take away the headache and hassle of keeping on top of your Wandsworth property maintenance yourself.