If you’re a landlord in Holland Park, then property maintenance is likely to be high on your agenda. However, when tenants are in your property, it can sometimes be difficult to be sure that they’re carrying out any property maintenance or repairs for which they are responsible, or that they’re reporting any issues that are your responsibility to you. That’s why it can be a good idea to use a local property maintenance service to keep on top of the maintenance that’s required in your Holland Park property.

It’s important to make sure your tenancy agreement sets out who is responsible for what kinds of property maintenance and repairs in your Holland Park property. Typically, a tenant might be responsible for the following maintenance:

  • changing lightbulbs
  • looking after gardens and external areas
  • dealing with pests, such as fleas or mice.

As a landlord, your property maintenance responsibilities are likely to include things like:

  • electrical work, such as rewiring or attending to faults
  • attending promptly to any issues with damp or condensation
  • keeping the property in a good state of decoration
  • keeping plumbing well maintained and fixing any problems
  • ensuring any electrical goods are working.

If this seems like a lot to take on yourself, then why not consider a Holland Park property maintenance company to look after all of this for you? It can save you time, money and stress to let the experts do the job.