What looks like a minor issue in a property can quickly become a major repair if it isn’t dealt with quickly and effectively. This can be a property maintenance headache for many home owners or landlords in the Fulham area. However, when it comes to property maintenance, there are some tell-tale signs of potential future trouble that you should never ignore:

  • peeling paint or wallpaper: this could indicate a potential problem with rising damp
  • patches on the walls or ceiling: damp will find ways into a home other than through the most commonly known ways of ground-level masonry. Patches on the walls and ceilings could be a sign of penetrating damp.
  • no heating or hot water: this is usually the sign of a problem with your boiler and needs to be checked immediately. Always check that the engineer who services your boiler is Gas Safe registered.
  • a funny smell: this could indicate there’s a mould problem, which may be a result of condensation. If left untreated it could cause structural damage.
  • flickering lights: normally this is just a sign of a lightbulb that needs changing, but if it happens frequently or to more than one bulb, it could be the sign of an overloaded circuit. Call in an appropriately qualified electrician to check.

If you see any of these tell-tale signs in your property, be sure to contact a Fulham property maintenance company to help you diagnose and treat the problem.