If you’re looking for a property maintenance company in the Brompton area, there are certain questions you should ask any firm before deciding to take them on. This will help ensure you get the service you require and aren’t taken for a ride by a rogue trader.

Here are some questions you should ask any Brompton property maintenance company:
1. What systems do you have in place for carrying out planned preventative maintenance?
If you want your property maintenance company to carry out a programme of preventative maintenance, it’s important that this is done in an organised and co-ordinated way.

2. How are out-of-hours and emergency maintenance requests handled?
If you need a Brompton property maintenance company that can respond quickly to emergencies, ask for further details of how the out-of-hours service will work.

3. Is the work carried out by your own staff or do you use contractors?
If it’s important to you that the people carrying out the work are from the exact company you’ve engaged, you should find this out. If the property maintenance firm uses contractors, find out how they are chosen and vetted. Of course, remember that for some jobs, such as boiler repairs, tradesmen need to have certain qualifications, so it may be prudent for your property maintenance company to contract this sort of work out to vetted experts.

4. Will you get itemised statements and receipts for the work carried out?
For complete transparency and your peace of mind, you should ensure that you’ll be given a full breakdown of the costs involved in any of the maintenance services carried out to your Brompton property.